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The Perfect Spring Treat – Snack Pack Chicks!

I know that it is hard to believe but Easter is RIGHT around the corner.  As a mom, I’m always on the lookout for fun ways to take items that we love and eat on a regular basis, and jazz them up a bit with the seasons (like these awesome Mummy Juice Boxes for Halloween).  Both of my kids get a huge kick out of things like this – and they were so excited to see these adorable “Little Chick” Snack Packs on the counter waiting for them after school!


Snack Pack Mixins - Little Chicks



These are super easy to make – they take under 5 minutes – and while I made the first round for my kids as a surprise, these are definitely something that kids can make themselves!  These are great as an after school snack – but they would also make a great treat for a classroom party or a spring get-together!

To make these little chicks, I bought the Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding in the cake aisle at Walmart ($2.48 a pack – score!), some yellow sugar sprinkles, and some miscellaneous candies meant for cake decorating (found by all of the cupcake wrappers and colored sugar).


Snack Pack Mixins


First, I took the top off of the Snack Pack (it popped right off thanks to the new EZ Open Lid).  Then I spooned a bit of pudding from one of the other Snack Packs so it came right up over the top.  My reasoning behind this was to avoid making a huge mess with the sprinkles – since the pudding was thick I took a gamble that it would stay in the cup for the amount of time it took me to flip it over into the sprinkles – and it did!  This was awesome – because the sugar stayed contained in the bowl and my kitchen stayed clean!

Snack Pack Pudding Easter Chicks


Then I decorated these little guys with the candy pieces – making eyes, hair, arms, and legs.  And of course – a beak!  These make the perfect treat for Spring!

If you liked this idea – be sure to check out more of them at the Snack Pack website! A big thank you to Walmart and Snack Pack for the opportunity to get creative with this super fun project!


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