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Turn Your Backyard Into an Entertainer’s Delight

With summer in full swing there seems to be no better time to get outside and enjoy gathering together and relaxing with family and friends.  As you know, I grew up in Louisiana on a full acre of land with lots of trees, grass, and room to run and play; so moving to Southern California where they measure lot size in square feet and not acres was a bit of a shock to my system.   At our house, our “backyard” is simply a small patio, totally paved and totally small.  I always felt that it wasn’t super functional, but after spending time with one of my Italian friends who eats dinner “al fresco” almost every night, I was inspired to make our backyard space a bit more livable.


Before Backyard Makeover


Thankfully, we already had some awesome patio furniture that I received almost SEVEN years ago from the Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.  You guys, this furniture has been outside for seven years AND made the cross-country move from Louisiana to California and it still looks amazing.  There really can’t be a better endorsement than that!

I swept and rinsed off the back patio and moved the furniture into a more cohesive circle around the firepit. Then I went to Walmart to figure out what I could do to spice things up on our back patio.  Honestly, I thought I was going to buy some plants and some pretty pots to add around the yard, but as I was browsing the garden section I came across these awesome Better Homes and Gardens Edison String Lights for $12.  TWELVE DOLLARS.  I seriously think people around me were alarmed because I was totally talking to myself – “NO. WAY. These things are like FIFTY BUCKS a string everywhere else!”  Because y’all, they are.  I have been drooling over these old-fashioned bulb outdoor string lights for years now but I’ve never pulled the trigger because let’s face it  – these are a “nice to have” and not so much a “need to have”.  But for twelve dollars? They instantly became a NEED to have.


Backyard Makeover with Outdoor lighting


I raced home drove home while obeying all speed limits and immediately unboxed and tested each strand to make sure all of the bulbs worked.  I won’t lie – I was skeptical. It’s like Christmas lights – there has to be one or two strands that don’t work right out of the box, right?  Lucky for me all 40 lights worked perfectly – I was so impressed!

I hung our gorgeous new lights in the backyard then invited my 10 year old son and husband outside to hang out in our cozy new space. It was instantly a hit– since I installed the new lights we have been sitting outside every night – it has been wonderful!

Backyard Makeover Edison Bulbs Walmart

If you are looking for a quick way to spice up your back patio, back yard, side yard – whatever – you should definitely check out the extensive selection of outdoor lighting at Walmart. I also saw colored bulbs, mirror glass bulbs, and many other options — I was really impressed with the selection.

What do you think of our little backyard makeover?


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